Riot Games’ 5 to 5 team war game VALORANT’s release date has been officially announced. Riot Games said the game will be available to play for free in most parts of the world from 2 June.

Riot Games has always been a company known for League of Legends. The world of the game, which is probably the most popular example of the MOBA genre, has expanded with new games. Riot Games continued to work on developing other games.

Riot, who does not want to go down in history as one of the companies that make a single game and disappears, expects a lot from VALORANT. The game also attracted great attention in the closed beta process and managed to break records. Riot seems pretty ambitious considering the situation.

VALORANT is released on June 2:
With the announcement made by Riot Games on Twitter, it became official that the game’s release date is June 2. Having a very crowded beta player group, VALORANT is getting ready to make a fast entry to the market with its full version.

The game will not be open to every region in the first stage, but a large number of players will have access to the game. The regions where Riot Games will release the game in the first stage will be North America, Europe, South Korea, Brazil, Oceania, Japan. New countries will be added to these countries soon.

“Our goal has always been to offer VALORANT as fast as possible all over the world, we were very happy to be able to do this on June 2,” said VALORANT Senior Producer Anna Donlon. According to Donlon, June 2 will be the beginning of an adventure that will continue for decades.

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VALORANT had found 3 million players:
VALORANT hosted an average of 3 million players a day while in closed beta. To meet the growing demands of players, Riot Games has prioritized the empowerment of servers in this process. The game’s new server centers include Atlanta, Dallas, London, Madrid and Warsaw.

On the day when the beta of VALORANT started on Twitch, we had a very serious interest. That day, when the platform’s live viewer record was challenged, 1.7 million spectators were trying to see the first images from the game. Twitch’s record is in League of Legends with 1.74 million viewers.


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