Riot Games, which we know closely thanks to League of Legends, opened the mouth of the pouch once again. Experienced firm acted in the name of Valorant production, which is not yet open to everyone. In this context, those who strive for Valorant cheats may be rich.

Riot Games is struggling with Valorant cheats
The US-based firm, which wants to make its mark on 2020 with its multiplayer first-person shooter game, is on the agenda due to the measures taken against fraud. Riot Games started the “Vanguard Bounty” project.

The famous organization, which does not want to prevent cheats caused by vulnerabilities in its own games and open up to cheaters, works with Vanguard for the Valorant project. In this context, Vanguard also protects League of Legends.

Riot Games, which wants to test Vanguard publicly, has announced its award program. The purpose of the related program was determined to detect the vulnerabilities in the working mechanism of the security system that protects the Valorant.

In the statement, it was stated that the people who identify the deficits of the projects aimed at protecting the players’ data will be supported with great financial aid. The amount of rewards will depend on both the severity of errors and the initiative of Riot.

The more dangerous the vulnerability detected according to this application, the more the amount of reward will be given. Riot Games said that Vanguard trusted its system but was ready to pay for a serious security vulnerability.

The following lines pointed out in this message published by the company’s security team: “We want players to continue playing our games in peace. We ensure that what we say is not talked about and we bring them to life what we said. ”

“If you think you have found a flaw in Vanguard’s system that threatens the security of players and reveals users’ confidential information, please send us a report on this matter immediately.”

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Riot Games, which is very sensitive about the attacks made to capture the personal information of the players, listed the reward layers as follows: Local attacks that force the servers, network attacks that require user interaction and network attacks that do not require user interaction.

People who find a vulnerability that can access crucial information (such as user information) without permission will be rewarded with a maximum of $ 25,000. Those who find a vulnerability that can interfere with a structure in Vanguard’s system will earn a maximum of $ 35,000. These rewards are valid for local attacks.

The same reward order is valid for network attacks that require user interaction and network attacks without the need of users. It is remarkable that the only factor that changes is the amount of reward.

What are the conditions to join the Vanguard Bountry program?
– The vulnerability found should work in the latest version of Vanguard.
– You should send a detailed report to Riot Games about the method you developed. In this report, you should describe the working logic of your method, along with the proofs.
– The attack method you discovered should not be shared anywhere else.
– Findings cannot be disclosed anywhere else without the approval of Riot Games.
– Payments in the list we publish represent the highest payout for each category. The amount of reward you pay depends on the applicability of the vulnerability and the potential damage it can cause.

Let us also mention that Riot Games is running another project called “Bug Bounty”. This program serves as a reward for those who find game gaps that are not related to Vanguard.

This program, which has a prize pool that can stretch from $ 250 to $ 4000, also has details. If you want to learn more about this topic, you can click here.


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