Riot Games introduced his older brother Yone, which we’ve heard in Yasuo’s stories for a long time, with a 10-minute video story. Having a gameplay similar to Yasuo, the new champion seems to be a good duo with his brother in terms of gameplay in the coming days.

The next champion to be added to League of Legends after the Lillia announced the other day was eagerly awaited. It was claimed that this new champion would be Yone, which previously appeared with many different rumors. As a matter of fact, after a long wait, Riot Games team, which released a 10-minute video story today, introduced the new champion Yone, which players are eagerly waiting for.

By this time, we only knew Yone as far as we learned from Yasuo’s story; so we’ve always seen it from Yasuu’s perspective. According to the story, Yone and his brother Yasuo have had a complicated relationship for a long time. This relationship dates back to long before brotherly betrayal and Yasuo killed Yone, when they grew up together and trained under the same master.

Yone’s story:

Story writer Michael “Riot Pls” Yichao says that while writing Yone’s story, they first saw that Yone wanted to be a character with a very similar gameplay to Yasuo, but as a result of the experiments they saw that it was not possible to make a better Yasuo than Yasuo. Realizing that Yone should be a different character at this point, the team decided to make him a champion who stands at a different point than his brother.

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This was the story of the emergence of Yone, the elder brother of Yasuo. You can watch the video above immediately to reach the relationship with your brother and more, and have a better idea of ​​what Yone is experiencing. Let’s take a closer look at what the new champion offers in terms of gameplay.

What are the abilities of the new champion Yone?

Yone’s abilities, which, by virtue of her story, can separate her soul from her mortal body and act in the realm of souls. Especially the skills of the champion, who seemed to be a nice duo with Yasuo, are as follows:

Q Ability (Deadly Steel): Yone uses the power of the wind to deal damage to her enemies with physical damage. When stacked twice, Yone can advance with a wave that knocks his enemies in the air.

W ability (Typhoon): Protects Yone with a shield, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit. The power of the shield increases per champion hit.

Ability E (Free Spirit): Allows Yone to attack his opponents by marking them with the amount of damage accumulated and hitting them as real damage after returning to his body.

Ability R (Sealed Fate): Yone attacks all enemies in his path and teleports behind the last enemy. Collects all enemies affected by the attack to a point and knocks them into the air.


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