Ripple is creating a new position in the company to expand its presence among Wall Street institutions and increase its validity in the crypto community.

The San Francisco-based company announced that he was looking for vice president of marketing for the company. The person who will take part in this position will work to create Ripple’s corporate brand by targeting major players in the financial world and influential participants in the cryptocurrency world.

“The sought-after person will have three key features: To operationalize and scale up Ripple’s B2B marketing transformation strategy, to expand the company’s corporate brand from Wall Street financial institutions to crypto traders as a whole, and to test Ripple’s B2B2C brand strategies to be spread and spread. ”

In addition, the person working in this position will continue to work with Ripple’s Design and Corporate Communication team to organize integrated campaigns, shape the market perception, raise the company to the global market leader position and make the relationship between Ripple-XRP more clear.


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