Ripple’s product director unveiled the platform for paying people from person to person using XRP.

Ripple manager has announced a payment platform based on XRP that will work in popular web browsers.

Craig DeWitt, the product manager of Ripple, an infrastructure company related to payments on the blockchain, stated that any goods can be purchased online using XRP.

Payburner, a personal project of Dewitt, is an XRP wallet designed to work as an add-on in Chrome and Brave web browsers.

Speaking to CoinDesk about the project, DeWitt said that this plugin is an example of how much the XRP ecosystem that developed Xpring has grown. As it is known, Xpring is a project that provides tools and funds to startups and developers working with XRP. Currently in beta, Payburner allows users to send and receive payments worldwide and instantly.

The beta version of the program was created by integrating PayID, which is an identifier used by institutions such as banks, for payments.

Requesting payments from person to person (P2P) with encrypted messages and PayID network calls are new features of beta version…

DeWitt also stated that Payburner plans to generate revenue with a 1 percent commission on XRP e-commerce sales.


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