David Schwartz shared his cryptocurrencies. He stressed that the biggest positions are XRP and Bitcoin with more cryptocurrencies on the list.


Ripple CTO David Schwartz responded to a post by a Twitter user who was curious about Schwartz’s cryptocurrencies and announced their crypto assets.


Coins owned by the Ripple manager

The Ripple chief technology officer roster features thirteen tokens placed by position size.

Schwartz’s biggest location is the XRP token, followed by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Then comes after BAT, Ripple’s competitors Stellar and ADA.

At the end of the list are Bitcoin Gold and EOS.

David Schwartz has admitted that he will probably choose to hold different cryptocurrencies right now, but these assets were created “due to airdrops and other conditions.”


David Schwartz unveils main sign of crypto scam

Blockchain giant Ripple’s CTO has warned crypto users not to fall into these traps by sharing the main sign of a crypto fraud.

Schwartz wrote that cryptocurrency scams are easily recognizable as their creators promise extremely high returns on investments.

He stated that if someone finds a way to make a lot of money in crypto, they will lend it to others to make a comeback from those funds.

David Schwartz believes that even a 2 percent profit promise per day smells like crypto scams.

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