Ripple’s David Schwartz shares his own Bitcoin loss and discovery story. In a new Quora thread, Ripple’s chief technology officer discusses how he misplaced the six-digit BTC and then regained it.


Interesting story

About ten years ago, when Bitcoin was worth about $ 20, Schwartz created an account on a gaming platform and deposited 8 BTC to play games.

Since Schwartz did not like games of chance, he did not participate in any games on the platform for nearly seven years without touching his BTC.

Although he hadn’t played for money for seven years, when he realized that the gaming platform’s fund was gaining in value, the CTO returned to find his BTC.

At first, the CTO could not remember the name of the gaming platform.

But eventually, after waking up one day, he remembered the name of the games of chance platform and found an old email linked to the account and continued to initiate the password recovery procedure.


It worked

The procedure worked. Schwartz found 7.5 Bitcoins in his account and was able to withdraw BTC successfully.

Schwartz shares his story as part of a broader narrative in which Bitcoin owners lost and in some cases were never able to get their big BTC treasures back.

Another person in the middle of trying to save the BTC treasure is Coil CEO Stefan Thomas.

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