Ripple (XRP) bulls are fighting for $1. Hard struggles are being made to regain this level. The price has increased significantly today.

Ripple bulls fight to reclaim $1

When we look at the key support levels on the Ripple (XRP) side, we see that these levels are 0.9, 0.8282 and 0.75 dollars. When we look at the key resistance levels, it is seen that these levels are 1.05, 1.12 and 1.25 dollars.

XRP is up 14% today as the bulls battle to reclaim the $1 level. The cryptocurrency XRP fell behind the 100-day MA, or 0.95, towards the end of last week, and this decline continued throughout the weekend. The cryptocurrency continued its decline until it found support at $0.8282 on Saturday. As the market closed with this support, XRP, which recovered from the same level yesterday, climbed above $ 0.9. Today, the 13% gain allowed XRP to climb back above the 100-day MA to reclaim the next level of resistance at $1.

XRP price prediction

Looking ahead, if the bulls break $1, the first resistance point is found at $1.05. This level is also the 0.382 Fib level. If this significant resistance is breached, this is followed by the 20-day MA at $ 1.12, the February 2018 high of $ 1.25 and the 50-day MA at $ 1.33.

On the other hand, the initial support is seen at the $0.9 level. This level is followed by $ 0.8282, $ 0.75 and the 200-day MA at $ 0.69.

The RSI is in the midline to show indecision in the market. For XRP to reclaim $1.00 and stay above it, the RSI needs to show bullish momentum in the market and break above 50.


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