Daniel Maegaard (who became a millionaire due to his bet on XRP at the time), among those who entered the cryptocurrency market early, announced that he invested heavily in the Sydney-based media company The Hustle last year in non-fungible tokens (NFT).

After a series of major acquisitions, Maegaard now has $ 12 million worth of NFT. He recently declined an offer of $ 4.2 million for CryptoPunk # 8348 artwork. Maegaard believes crypto and NFTs will survive:

“I want to maximize my earnings. All can go to 0 tomorrow. But I think crypto and NFTs will be permanent. I am also ready to bet to level up. ”

Maegaard was a psychology student trying to earn a living by working at a gas station, but a BBC article on Bitcoin marked a turning point in his life.

After studying the cryptocurrency in depth, he decided to invest all his money ($ 4,000) in Bitcoin while Bitcoin was traded at around $ 150 in 2013. He was lucky enough to enter cryptocurrency in the middle of his first big bull run.

When the first Bitcoin traders began cashing out their earnings in late 2013, Maegaard took a different path by betting on the cryptocurrency XRP, which is linked to blockchain company Ripple, which traded for less than $ 0.005. This bet turned cryptocurrency into a millionaire until 2017, when it finally went mainstream.

Now, the young millionaire says that many people, up to his grandmother, called him and asked about Bitcoin.

Finally, Daniel said he sold some of the properties he owned and invested in cryptocurrencies. “I want to maximize my earnings.” The famous investor explained that 95% of his net wealth is in crypto and NFTs.


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