River Phoenix’s group, Aleka’s Attic, which has deprived us of many beautiful movies and albums that we will watch and listen to with its untimely death, has appeared in two unpublished songs of Aleka’s Attic.

Although he is a name that he has eaten with his handsome Instagram blogs with his good looks, two songs to be released on August 23, which will be the 50th birthday of River Phoenix, the biggest and future young star of his time, by Flea, a close friend of Phoenix, Flea. complete.

The artist collective, founded by Phoenix’s sister and group friend in Aleka’s Attic, Rain Phoenix, will be released digitally and in the form of records through LaunchLeft. Last year, Michael Stipe from Rain Phoenix and R.E.M. came together to complete an unpublished album of the group and released an album of Aleka’s Attic songs.


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