Actress Vanessa Morgan, who plays the character of Toni Topaz in the Riverdale series, made public her annoyance at how the media has been part of the racism that affects people of African descent, noting that she would not remain silent regarding the injustices that she and many more suffer within the entertainment industry.

Vanessa said that when she was a child there were no characters on television to make her feel represented, but unfortunately that has not changed much, since even in her career, the roles she receives always end up being secondary in the story and serve to make the show as a promoter of diversity.

The girl pointed out that the change should begin by giving correct representation to people of African descent and equal rights, since in addition to being part of a production where there are not many actors of color, they receive less pay.

Given this revelation, the attacks began against different members of the Riverdale production, which Vanessa tried to contain by pointing out that it is not the fault of her fellow actors, since they respect the assigned roles, so it is a question that must be addressed from the creative process.

For this, the creator of the series, Roberto Aguirre shared a public apology to Vanessa and promised to be part of the change, not only through the screen but also through his own actions:

The actress retweet this message, demonstrating the importance of not remaining silent in the face of injustice and supporting the ‘Black lives matter’ movement.


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