BTS just released their long-awaited DVD Memories of 2018. This collector’s item features highlights and behind-the-scenes clips from 2018, including the members’ gym time.

ARMY don’t forget this note Big Hit Entertainment has made the decision to censor these videos

And we know that RM has increased his muscle mass in an incredible way and we are grateful that it was like that because RM was already handsome but now with this new body he looks more of quality.

In one clip, RM jogs on a treadmill without a shirt. Unfortunately for fans, the editors dressed it up in an oversized emoji. Jungkook can also be seen shirtless doing basic exercises …

And appearing in the background.

So obviously as ARMY you can’t panic at these images that are so cruel. Not even the back that they will let us see and the worst thing is that they are killing us with curiosity. At the moment we only have Jungkook’s abdomen from Fake Love, so far Big Hit Entertainment has been good to show us.


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