The anniversary of BTS has already started with various trends in social networks, the video of FESTA 2020, messages from fans and from some of the members, as well as the memories that fans have shared.

Tomorrow the Bang Bang Con will be held, a special online concert that the group will perform to reunite with ARMY, prior to their presentation, RM shared a letter to reflect on the 7 years she has lived as an idol.

Through Weverse, the leader decided to capture his feelings and emotions about the seventh anniversary. Namjoon started his letter with the question about what is time, he even admitted that his debut would have to be something recurring in his memory, but he was surprised to see old photos of BTS and see how they have changed.

RM went on to say that although he initially adopted the nickname Rap Monster, he believed that it would be an image he would have for a long time, but in reality he realized that it changed a lot.

The idol wanted to write a letter that would make his fandom proud, because he believes that anniversaries are a special part of life too and he is relieved to be able to enjoy this next to ARMY and be happy.

He also reflected on the passage of time, admits that there are things that he misses, but he knows that they will never return, but in the past and in the present he has been happy, even when he looked different: “The me of yesterday is me”, a phrase which can emphasize the importance of never losing your essence.

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ARMY has been moved by RM’s words, because throughout these 7 years he has inspired them with loveyourself and each of his speeches. The idol moved to Seoul 10 years ago in search of a dream, until now, he still questions what he can and cannot do yet.

Finally, he thanked for the support of ARMY in this period of time, he promised that he will continue to strive, loving them more than love, because for him there is no word that defines how he feels about them.


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