TENET Robert Pattinson and John David Washington

Speaking about Tenet by Christopher Nolan, starring Robert Pattinson, he said there was no time travel as claimed in the movie.

Before most films were postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus epidemic, Tenet by Christopher Nolan was among the most anticipated films of this year. When many films were postponed due to the epidemic, Tenet, one of the first films to be released after the movie theaters were opened, was expected to be even more excited.

While we are excited about Tenet, which has not been changed for the vision date on July 17th, new details about the film continue to emerge. Yesterday, The Secrets of Tenet: Inside Christopher Nolan’s Quantum Cold War book, which sheds light on the film’s creation process, has been pre-ordered on Amazon, revealing that Nolan’s new movie will be a “quantum cold war movie”.

While it was announced that Tenet will be an epic action movie that focuses on an international espionage story when it was first announced, the first trailer released in the past months showed that the action scenes in which the breaks in the flow of time and the rules of physics lost their meaning. This movie, which bends the time in the explanation section of the book that was offered for sale before yesterday, was said to be in the minds of the viewers in the past, as in the future, and it was interpreted that not only instant time breaks but also a journey to the past.

However, Robert Pattinson’s recent comments, starring John David Washington, showed that this inference may not be correct.

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Speaking to the GQ magazine, Pattinson stated that although he was allowed to share details about the movie, he did not know what to say because he was not sure that the movie fully understood it. However, Pattinson stated that the claims that there will be time travel in the film are not real. “Not a time traveler,” says the successful actor. Actually, there is no time travel. This is all I am allowed to say ”, he denied these allegations.

Pattinson said that the gigantic production of the film was crazy, and together with the team of 500 they announced that they were flying to countries such as Denmark, Estonia, India, Norway and the United Kingdom and shot a big scene in every city.

We are excited to see what kind of work Christopher Nolan has done, Tenet is planned to be released on July 17.


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