The Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile gaming keyboard offers durability up to 100 million presses and 1.8m operating point with award-winning Titan optical switches.

Roccat brand, which continues its activities under Turtle Beach, introduced its new keyboard, which uses its popular mechanical-feeling optical switches. The keyboard that appeals to the upper level focuses on performance.

Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile features and price
The Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile gaming keyboard uses the company’s award-winning Titan optical switches, which were introduced last year. Light-based switches offer 1.8 m operating point and a lifetime of up to 100 million presses. The firm has a 100 times better response time than traditional mechanical switches.

The keyboard, which does not forget the mechanical feel, has a magnetically removable wristband. The keyboard, which also has mixer style volume control keys, comes with a durable plate and cable. RGB lighting synchronizes with AIMO software.

The Roccat Vulcan Pro Optical-Tactile gaming keyboard, which has a very thin profile, has a price tag of $ 200 and it is stated that it will be available in Europe within the year.


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