Now we bring you a cosplay of Rock Lee, a popular character from Naruto, played by a cosplayer. Thats very good!


If there is a character that has earned the appreciation of Naruto fans, it is undoubtedly Rock Lee. Yes, he certainly has not been very present in the sequel to the series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

But many fans have good memories of him. Especially because of the great battle he fought against Gaara. It was an epic fight, where he gave his best, and it almost cost him his life. But at least he demonstrated the power of his grandmaster’s techniques.

Rock Lee has a lot of fans in the Naruto series

I mean, Might Guy, who taught him everything he knows. Lee is a character who is clearly inspired by the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee. Unlike other ninja in Masashi Kishimoto’s work, he cannot call on the Kekkei Genkai.

This is why he resorts to Taijutsu, which are techniques based on physical combat. So more than using mystical abilities he prefers to use his own fists to fight hand to hand.

There are those who believe that Kishimoto should have developed Rock Lee further. But as expected, this mangaka gave preference to the protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki, as well as Sasuke Uchiha.

At least he got the idea to give him the drunken boxing skill. When Lee drinks sake, the classic Japanese rice liquor, he doesn’t just lose his temper. In fact, he becomes a much more dangerous and unpredictable fighter. He is a drunken kung fu master!

This sex change cosplay is very faithful

Rock Lee is one of the favorite characters of several fans, and that is why there are many fan arts and cosplays based on him. Like the one we share with you now, a contribution from the cosplayer ChameLeahn.

Unlike other interpretations of this character, she did a pretty decent gender bender type. The hairstyle she wears and even her eyebrows are true to Lee’s appearance. The same can be said of the green suit he wears.

Her belt, with the emblem of the Hidden Village of the Leaf, as well as the bandages on her hands and stockings are also similar. It is evident that this cosplayer took note of the characteristic elements of this highly competent fighter.

In short, her cosplay is quite detailed and deserves to stand out. Returning to the subject of Rock Lee, to see if he by chance at some point he stands out more in Boruto. It is certainly somewhat forgotten.


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