Rockstar Games is looking for colleagues who will prepare cinematic in-game trailers to promote its new project.

A little news came from GTA 6, which Rockstar Games continues to keep secret for now. In a new job posting posted by Rockstar, details pointing to GTA 6 trailers have been identified. Rockstar is looking for colleagues to make cinematic trailers for its new game.

You can see the details of the job posting below. The task of the new Rockstar employee, who started working under this announcement, will be to prepare cinematic in-game images for use in internet and TV advertising campaigns.

Rockstar’s new project is not yet official; however, according to information from reliable sources such as Bloomberg’s Jason Screirer, the studio is currently working extensively on GTA 6. It is estimated that GTA 6 is completely designed for new generation consoles.

Take-Two advertising budgets point to 2023
In order to predict the release date of GTA 6, we have strong information right now: The advertising budgets that publisher Take-Two plans for the coming years. Take-Two, which submitted a report to the US Stock Exchange Commission last year, announced that it had allocated a full $ 89 million advertising budget for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. This figure is exactly 9 times the budgets allocated for the previous and next years.

Rockstar’s previous game Red Dead Redemption 2’s release date was also accurately predicted thanks to advertising budgets. Therefore, we can say that it seems quite possible that GTA 6 will debut like the end of 2023. The first announcements and trailers can also be made in 2022.


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