A group of rookie girls refutes the common misconception people make about idols being discovered on the street.

Nobody knows the K-Pop industry better than the K-Pop idols themselves. Although they just debuted, girl group BLING BLING has insider knowledge that they were happy to share on the YouTube channel AYO.

One of the comments they strongly reacted to was about a netizen who thought that most idols entered companies easily.

“When I hear debut stories about idols, they were mostly caught on the street or auditioned with friends and cast, or they just took an audition and got it. I don’t think there are many cases that went to academies and prepared hard. ” – AYO Internet User Comment

The girls refuted the idea that idols mostly come from street casting, as most of their members trained at academies before joining their company.

“That’s BLING BLING! We are that case! We went to an academy for years ”. – BLING BLING

It was a long journey for the girls, with leader Juhyun explaining, “We went to singing and dance academies and had auditions, trained, and then debuted. It’s not like they pick you all at once, so don’t get it wrong. ”

On the other hand, they affirmed that those who were chosen by agents of the company should not be disparaged. According to the girls, these idols also go through auditions like everyone else, so they don’t deserve to be treated as less talented than trainees who went through open auditions.

“Even if you were cast, you still have to audition and you become an idol when you are talented as an idol. You get it when you push yourself. ” – Juhyun

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Most of the members of PLEDIS Entertainment’s boy group SEVENTEEN, for example, were selected. Today, they are known as one of the most skilled groups in the industry.

BLING BLING released the music video for their debut song “G.G.B” on November 17.

You can watch the full interview below.


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