Samsung, which introduced the Galaxy S21 series in the past days and managed to attract the attention of millions of technology enthusiasts with its brand new flagship, continues to detonate new bombs without stopping. Samsung, which launched a model called Galaxy A80 in the past years, went to a different camera structure with this model for the first time. It also attracted attention with its phone design. Years later, the company, which will go through a new change in camera style, detonated the new bomb. Samsung A82 5G is coming.



Galaxy A82, which is expected to be released as a continuation of the Galaxy A80, seems to be at the top of the field with its 5G camera structure. While the new smartphone, which is expected to have a rotating camera like the Galaxy A80, was confirmed by Samsung, not much information was given about it. In addition to both rotating and sliding camera structure, the battery of the smartphone, which will provide users with a faster internet experience with 5G technology, is expected to be larger.

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The camera of the Samsung Galaxy A82 5G can be rotated both to the front and back, just like the Galaxy A80. There is some information, although the release date of the phone, which will highlight the next generation network support with 5G technology, is not clear.


When will the Samsung Galaxy A82 5G be released?

The device is expected to be available in the first half of 2021. On the price side, we will not see a cheap Galaxy A model. Because it has already begun to be said in the backstage that this phone will be from flagship hardware.


What are the features of the device?

There is no feature sharing about the smartphone yet. However, we know that it will have 5G technology and a rotating camera. However, it is one of the rumors that the Korean media will already use a Qualcomm processor instead of the Exynos chipset.


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