The sale of the album is one that shows the popularity and loyalty of the fans towards their idols.

Later a netizen lined up selling K-Pop idol albums in their first week, where the entire album in this series was released in 2020.

In first place was BTS’s Map of the Soul: 7 which recorded more than 3.3 million albums sold in just the first week since it was released.

In the second place was occupied by Baekhyun EXO with ‘Delight’ which sold more than 704 thousand copies. The third rank is occupied by NCT ​​Dream with ‘RELOAD’ which recorded sales of 412 thousand albums.

Map of the Soul: 7 – BTS (3,378, xxx)
Delight – Baekhyun EXO (704, xxx)
Reload – NCT Dream (412, xxx)
Oneiric Diary – IZ * ONE (389, xxx)
BLOOM * IZ – IZ * ONE (356, xxx)
MORE & MORE – TWICE (332, xxx)
DYE – GOT7 (281, xxx)
NCT # 127 NEO ZONE – NCT 127 (276, xxx)
CYAN – Kang Daniel (261, xxx)
NCT # 127 NEO ZONE: THE FINAL ROUND – NCT 127 (256, xxx)
Many netizens later admitted that BTS was far different from other idol groups after seeing the album sales list in the first week.

“BTS is not only at the top of the list, but they are actually at a different level,”

“Baekhyun’s solo album ranked 2nd, Wow!”

“BTS album has sold more than 5.17 million copies and is still increasing”

“Wow BTS … Seriously, what are those numbers …?”

“BTS album has sold more than 5 million copies? I think I’m going to go crazy again ㅋㅋ I didn’t even know that they surpassed 4 million because there was no news about that, ”and many other netizens’ comments.


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