Approximately who are the members of the K-Pop girl group who turned 30 in 2020?

Netizens have recently released a list of girl group members who have just turned 30 years of age in South Korea.

Even though they are already at the age of ‘3’ head, these K-Pop idols still look very beautiful and are not inferior to other K-Pop idols who have a younger age.

According to netizens posting on the Pann site, various girl group members who turned 30 in 2020 were Irene Red Velvet, Chorong Apink, Solar MAMAMOO, Jimin AOA, and SNSD’s Seohyun.

Knowing this fact, various Korean netizens gave comments like:

“Park Chorong is truly like a goddess. She is very beautiful, cute and innocent, ”

“Irene and Chorong are really very beautiful. I used to feel Chorong had the impression of Irene, but not anymore. They are all really beautiful, ”

“Wow seriously, Park Chorong looks very young. Very beautiful,”

“Irene is too beautiful,”

“Crazy, how is Park Chorong 30 years old? Wow, this is really very surprising. But I think she looks even prettier as she ages, “and many other comments.


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