The Royal Court, the first major expansion package of Crusader Kings III, the new game of Crusader Kings, one of the popular game series of the strategy genre, has been announced.

The first major expansion of Crusader Kings III, the latest game of the popular strategy game series Crusader Kings, published and developed by Paradox Interactive, has been announced.

At the Paradox Interactive event held yesterday evening, the first major expansion of Crusader Kings III, one of the popular games of the past year, was announced and detailed. Unfortunately, the enlargement’s release date has not been shared.

Crusader Kings III is currently available for PC only. You can find the details and promotional video of the new expansion pack below.

Crusader Kings III: Royal Court Details

The Throne Room: The appearance of your royal entourage will reflect all the glory and prestige of your dynasty so far.

Crowded Situations: When slaves and courtiers seeking royal judgment come to you with their problems, interact with them.

Splendor: Improve the quality of life in your suite with fancier traps and better food to impress your rivals and attract guests with higher standards.

Inspiring People: Talented artists, craftsmen, and thinkers can work on new projects and contribute treasures and artifacts.

Hybrid Cultures: Make the most of a multicultural space by developing a new lifestyle tailored specifically to your population and geography.

Cultural Diversity: Leave your traditional culture behind so you can adjust it to better suit your wishes.


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