Details of Nvidia’s upcoming mid-entry segment have been added to the GPU-Z database by an anonymous person. The Ampere architecture card comes with 2560 CUDA cores.

The GPU giant’s eagerly anticipated budget-friendly Ampere card has been detailed. The model has been added to the database of GPU-Z.

RTX 3050 Ti

It is based on the RTX 3050 Ti GA107 GPU added by an anonymous user. This GPU, which is not used in any of the existing RTX 30 cards, will also be at the heart of the RTX 3050.

The sub-provider ID of the card whose PCI Device ID is entered as 25A0 confirms that the entry belongs to Clevo. Therefore, Clevo engineers may have personally contributed to the GPU-Z database.

The card to be used in laptops has a boost frequency of 1485 MHz and a memory frequency of 1500 MHz. 4 GB capacity GDDR6 VRAMs that will communicate over 128-bit memory bus will provide 192 GB / s bandwidth.

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