The mid-segment Ampere graphics card, which has been on the agenda of Nvidia recently, has yet to be sold by Nvidia.

The GPU giant’s mid-segment RTX 3000 solution may have started to show its last-minute surprise to miners.

The RTX 3060 is expected to hit the shelves tomorrow at a suggested retail price of $ 329. However, miners have already exhausted the card’s stock in the past weeks.

RTX 3060
Following the move from NVidia last week, RTX 3060s started to fall second hand. Gigabyte RTX 3060 12 GB Eagle was featured in the advertisement published in online second-hand markets in Belarus.

Let us state that, thanks to the appearance of the serial numbers of the cards in the visuals in the advertisement, it can be found who sold the cards up to Gigabyte, ignoring Nvidia’s rules regarding the official date of sale.

It is not known at what price the card, which the seller asked for $ 1080, was purchased, and the seller stated that he opened the cards for trial purposes and placed them back in the box. It is not known whether the cards that are thought to have been tested for digging performance are due to Nvidia’s latest restriction, or whether they are sold to profit from the players by buying cards in bulk.


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