Nvidia’s new mid-segment Ampere graphics card has not been officially released yet. However, after the miners reached the card, the model is listed with an astronomical price.

The GPU giant is currently the target of criticism arrows due to the graphics cards sold by gamers to miners in bulk. The upcoming Ampere solution, announced at an affordable price, attracted attention with its price.

RTX 3060 listed at $ 750
RTX 3060 12 GB, which appeared on the page of an official distributor in Pakistan, surprised with the price of 750 dollars. The model was announced at Nvidia’s event at a suggested price of $ 329.

The official distributor, which listed the card for more than twice the number published by Nvidia, apologized for not following the NDA rules of Nvidia.

According to the distributor, who made a statement about the price while apologizing, the reason for the high price is the fact that on the other side of the world, miners buy graphics cards in bulk, while high customs and import taxes prevail.

Finally, players expect Nvidia to intervene in the situation that negatively affects players and has been going on for months. The picture, which can be prevented to some extent with very simple measures, will apparently continue for a while.


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