The release date of the card, which Nvidia expects by the players with the hope of abundant stock, was not clearly shared in the promotion. The sales date of the model, which was pointed out in February, came to light.

The card introduced by the green team at the CES 2021 event is eagerly awaited by hardware lovers. Mid-segment card release date leaked.

RTX 3060 12GB release date
At the event organized by Nvidia, a large window was announced, with the date when the card with which it shared its technical details and price will be available for sale.

According to the latest news, the RTX 3060 12 GB, which the GPU giant has announced at an affordable price, will be available on February 25. We hope that the card, which players with relatively limited budgets will count the days due to the performance data in the promotion, will meet the players as they should be, not the miners.


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