Players were sadly watching the RTX 3060s, which were captured by miners before they went on sale a while ago. It seems that the last laugh will be the main audience of the card again.

Last week, we received the news that some retailers were selling RTX 3060s, which are not yet available for sale, to miners in bulk. The latest news from Nvidia brought gamers’ enjoyment to its fullest.

Early sold RTX 3060 will return to the target audience
Following the blog post published by Nvidia, users speculated that miners could still use the cards somehow. According to the tests of the early owners of the RTX 3060, Nvidia has prepared a nice surprise for the miners.

Beyond the driver, the limitation that models are thought to be applied at the BIOS level cannot be overcome by modified bios software or Linux distributions used by the majority of miners. If the information allegedly obtained from an official from Nvidia is correct, using the full performance of the cards will force the miners a little more.


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