As we approach Nvidia’s mobile Ampere cards, the details of the models continue to become clear. RTX 3080 Max-Q and RTX 3080 Max-P models are detailed.

The GPU giant’s muscular desktop Ampere cards are not currently on the shelves, but the eyes are on the mobile cards.

RTX 3080 Max-Q / P
The RTX 3080 Max-Q and Max-P that appear in TPU’s database differ in the frequency header as expected. First of all, let’s underline that mobile RTX 3080 options will rise above the desktop RTX 3080 on GA104 instead of GA102. This makes the card a model with 6144 CUDA cores.

While a 150-watt TGP limit was determined in the Max-P, a 90-watt TGP budget was preferred in the Max-Q model. If we look at the default frequencies of the RTX 3080 Max-P, the card can increase from 1110 MHz to 1545 MHz. Besides the default frequencies, the frequency values ​​will also be scaled according to the solution’s steps of 80, 115 and 125 watts.

On the other hand, the RTX 3080 Max-Q has a range of 780-1245 MHz. On the VRAM wing, mobile RTX 3080 is expected to be offered in two options of 8/16 GB.

In the RTX 3080 Max-Q, the frequency of 12 Gbps is continued as in Turing models, while 14 Gbps is mentioned in the Max-P. Finally, we will have to wait until January 12 for the final details.


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