Nvidia’s top-of-the-line card has sweated in high resolution and settings in the popular production of recent days. Reaching the limits of the VRAM of the card was another remarkable detail.

Together with the RTX Ampere, the green team raised the bar in resolution title. So much so that the company introduced the RTX 3090 as an 8K card.

Nowadays, as HDMI 2.1 continues to spread gradually, thanks to the new interface, 4K monitors above 60 Hz continue to increase. However, it’s still a long time before 4K replaces 1080p.

Nvidia is quite ambitious with Ampere. The company’s solution, which switched to 8K gaming with the RTX 3090, seems to be less than satisfactory in Cyberpunk 2077.

RTX 3090’s tough moments
In the test system where the Core i9-10900K was run on the Z490 motherboard, it was observed that when the graphics and ray tracing settings of the game were adjusted to the upper level, the RTX 3090 gave 6.6 FPS in 8K.

Moreover, the card used almost all of its 24 GB VRAM in the meantime. When DLSS Ultra is turned to settings, it is seen that an average value of 31.3 FPS is reached. With Ray Tracing turned off and DLSS on, it increased to an average of 38 FPS.

In addition to Cyberpunk 2077, which came to the fore with errors and optimization problems, let’s remind that RTX 3090 gave 57 FPS in 8 open position while DLSS was off in Control, according to Nvidia’s slides.


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