When the hardware world said that the blower fan tradition is over, a step came from MSI. Reminiscent of the GTX 480, the RTX 3090 Aero rises above the GA102 operating at stock frequencies.

With the Nvidia Ampere, it has created an effective cooler that makes more use of the air flow inside the case. MSI seems to have a word on the subject.

MSI announced the RTX 3090 Aero with its announcement. The model comes with 24 GB GDDR6X memory while rising on the GA102 GPU, similar to the other RTX 3090s. The TGP of the card, where the GPU and memory work at stock speeds, is naturally at 350 watts.

Resembles the Fermi-architecture GTX 480
The most striking feature of the model is that it comes with a blower fan. Moreover, the model, which resembles the reference design GTX 480 with its design and color harmony, is a card that will keep memories alive for some users while promising high performance. As an important note, it should be noted that the RTX 2080 Ti’s blower fan versions with lower TGP are not successful in terms of cooling.

On the other hand, RTX 3090 Aero, which comes with a full-size PCB, is accompanied by a strange plate that does not cover the entire PCB to cool the double-sided VRAM unit. Finally, let’s remind you that the Aero series is offered at the MSRP level, although MSI does not reveal the price of the model.


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