RTX Voice, which had a way to run on cards without Tensor core at the time it was first announced, is now supported by Nvidia for old graphics cards.

As a result of video calls that increased with the onset of the pandemic, the factors affecting the quality of the conversation started to attract more attention. One of them is background noise.

The RTX Voice application, which Nvidia eliminates disturbing background noises using artificial intelligence, made RTX graphics card users smile. However, users were able to run RTX Voice on GTX graphics cards and even under Windows 7.

RTX Voice will also work on GTX cards
After the passage of time, Nvidia added Kepler and later GTX graphics cards to RTX Voice. RTX Voice can be used on Windows 10 systems where the 410.18 and later driver is used.

RTX card users, on the other hand, already have RTX Broadcast with advanced features that RTX Voice is also integrated. Finally, according to the reports of users, when RTX Voice is turned on, performance loss of 8-20% and up to 30 watts more power consumption can be observed in games.


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