Call of Duty has always stood out for its online game; however, the famous zombies mode also has a large following.

For years, fans have asked that the developers focus on giving them a supernatural experience separate from the main formula, and although it has not yet arrived, everything could change soon.

This is ensured by a supposed leak where it is mentioned that they are already working on a new Call of Duty focused on the zombies mode of the original franchise.

Call of Duty player is killed by a partner from the competitive scene

Tom Henderson, who has a certain reputation for revealing several leaks that turned out to be real, assured through his Twitter account that there is already a new Call of Duty in development, but this time it will be focused on zombies.

This means that you will not have missions inspired by real events, but pure frantic action of the dead and supernatural beings to annihilate.

“There is a separate Call of Duty Zombies project in development, which is not connected to any other game.”
At the moment there are no more details about this possible game, and as there is no official information to corroborate the leak, we must take it as a simple rumor.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is about to add Outbreak mode, where a team of four players will face hordes of the undead to complete various missions.

A few days ago they revealed the trailer, and from what we could see, they will give us a complete twist to the way we love so much, with a huge map and variety of enemies to defeat.

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Will Treyarch finally please fans who want a game dedicated solely and exclusively to killing zombies? It seems like it won’t take long to find out.


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