Spider-Man News: One of the best arachnid games


The Spider-Man game that arrived on the PS4 consoles in 2018, quickly became one of the best video games of the arachnid hero. Not only that, but some media even cataloged it as one of the best superhero titles, thanks to its history and game mechanics.

The title took several risks and introduced us to the character of Miles Morales, another Spider-Man who has already had his own adventure on PS5. However, while the final gameplay scenes of 2018 gave us hints of a sequel, we hadn’t had much news – until now.

Is Spider-Man 2 already on the way?

The actor who plays the character of Miles Morales in the games, Nadji Jeter, shared a photo on his Instagram profile, where he is shown wearing the equipment used for motion capture. Although he does not mention as such that he is working on the Spider-Man sequel, this is most likely the case.

Also, this photo was deleted shortly after he uploaded it, which seems very suspicious to us. Perhaps the Insomniac bosses didn’t want the news to spread that they have already started work on the new Spider-Man ahead of time. Will punishment await the young actor?

Although Jeter is likely simply doing motion capture for another role, a visit to his IMDB lets us see that he has no upcoming jobs that require this. Also, outside of Spider-Man, the actor only mocaped in the first part of The Last of Us, where he played the character Sam, who will not be returning for obvious reasons.

As for the video game world, Nadji Jeter has played Miles Morales even in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. So it could be said that he is his official actor. The importance of Miles in the history of the first Spider-Man and in its ‘expansion’, together with these clues, could be a confirmation that work on a sequel to the title of the spider-man has already begun. We will have to be attentive to the profiles of the other actors to see if they also make a ‘little mistake’


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