The iPod Classic, which completely changed the music industry when it was launched, has undergone different modifications and became available with Spotify.

Steve Jobs turned the digital music industry upside down after he first announced the iPod Classic innovation. The first step of providing great convenience to the artists besides the easy access of the listeners was taken with the iPod Classic. Although this iPod model, which has been 17 years since its debut, is very old in terms of usage compared to today, a Youtuber has managed to modernize this device.

A Youtuber named Guy Dupont had the chance to use the iPod Classic that his mother-in-law gave him a long time later. Guy Dupont said that when he realized that this iPod was very old and took action to bring it closer to today’s technology world, Guy Dupont introduced the veteran iPod Classic with its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features, a touch-feedback screen and the ability to use Spotify.

Since the aim is to be able to run Spotify on the iPod, the old hardware inside the device must be removed first. Then Raspberry Pi Zero W is mounted to replace the removed hardware. The most popular part of the iPod Classic is the keypad on it and its way of use, so Pyhton has been coded and the functionality is fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi Zero W. After that, a new screen with touch feedback is added to the iPod Classic case. Finally, in order not to be dependent on the headset, in addition to the Bluetooth module and a 1000 mAh battery to offer longer use, the physical change side of the project was taken care of.

Guy Dupont, who describes the software part as the easier part of the job, first installs the “Raspberry Pi OS Lite” operating system on Raspberry. Then it installs the client named Raspotify to act as a bridge between Spotify and Raspberry, and the connection between your iPod and your Spotify account is established via the Spotify Connect feature. After passing this stage, finally Spotify; The project is completed by developing the interface for use on the iPod Classic with Pyhton’s Tkinter tool. Here is the 2021 model iPod Classic!


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