A sanction signal came from Russia for citizens who want to use western satellite internet service companies. Relevant persons and institutions may face substantial fines.

Starlink, the satellite-based internet service of SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, is gradually expanding its beta activities. Starlink, which started its activities in the UK in the European continent, was praised for its satisfactory performance and came to the fore with the issue of sanctions. Among the companies that are mentioned about sanctions are companies such as OneWeb.
The possibility of sanctions from Russia, the country with the largest surface area in the world, seems to upset users who want to experience Starlink and similar services in Russia. Because, according to the Russian version of Popular Mechanics published in the country, the Russian national legislature is considering imposing sanctions on individuals and institutions that intend to use the services of such western services.

Huge amount of fines
According to the news in the magazine, members of the legislature believe that people who will freely connect to the internet through these internet services will disrupt the Operational Search Measures System, which controls the use of internet and mobile communication in the country. In this context, it is planned to impose fines on institutions or individuals who take an initiative. The price in question can range from 10 thousand to 30 thousand rubles (approximately one thousand to 3 thousand liras) for individuals and between 500 thousand and 1 million rubles (50 thousand to 100 thousand liras) for institutions.

According to some, Russia especially attributes the name of Starlink to the fact that the service provider belongs to SpaceX. It is known that Dmitry Rogozin, who manages the space program of the country, has not been very positive about SpaceX. Because Rogozin is one of the people who believe that Russia’s visibility in the space race has decreased due to the rockets that SpaceX successfully sends into space.

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Rogozin, who frequently expresses that SpaceX is the United States’ tool and argues that the company serves the US military interests, is also one of the politicians who support the sanctions on this issue. It is currently on the agenda that Russia is preparing to confront initiatives such as SpaceX and OneWeb with a solution called “Globe”. However, it is known that the country does not pour huge amounts of money into civilian space projects, and according to some experts, there is an approximate cost of 20 billion dollars ahead of Küre. Nevertheless, it is stated that the first satellites for the system, which is likely to become operational, can be sent to space by 2024.

OneWeb’s situation is more interesting. The UK and India-based startup sends satellites to use for Starlink-like internet service with Russian Soyuz rockets. In this sense, time will tell whether Russia will harm itself.


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