Russia, which is one of the countries that are keen on digital money, announced that it will start testing the digital ruble next year.

Russia was the last country to announce that it will start working on digital currencies. The Central Bank of Russia is expected to start digital money tests in a very short time.

In a statement made at an online press conference held on Thursday, it was announced that the country’s central bank, the Bank of Russia, will reserve the whole of 2022 for tests of the digital ruble. Bank of Russia board member Olga N. Skorobogatova shared important details about the Bank of Russia’s roadmap for digital rubles.

Speaking at the press conference, Olga N. Skorobogatova announced that the Bank of Russia plans to build a prototype of the digital ruble platform by December this year. Legislative changes are planned to be drafted in January 2022 and the digital ruble test to begin in the first quarter of 2022.

On the other hand, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Russia Alexei Zabotkin said that the digital ruble will be a universal payment instrument.


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