During the quarantine period, the popularity level has increased not only for streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, but also for those that offer virtual video on demand rentals.

Normally, any actor or filmmaker would want his work to be appreciated by others, but Ryan Reynolds disagrees as he is one of his first major stars in superhero cinema.

“Green Lantern” hit theaters in 2011, of which Reynolds would comment to EW that he “was a victim of the Hollywood process” due to his rushed filming schedule. The film would generate losses to the studio by only generating 219 million dollars at the box office with a budget of 200 million, stopping any possibility of a sequel.

Recently, a user on Twitter asked him if he should rent the tape on Apple Tv, since it would only cost 99 cents and nine years have already passed, to which the actor would reply “stay away”.

Despite his enormous success after playing Deadpool, the actor would comment his regret for the film to Variety, claiming to have represented “the death of the superhero in the cinema.”


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