It looks like AMD’s Zen 4 architecture processors will arrive a little later than expected. While the reason for the delay of the models is unknown, this will leave Alder Lake unanswered for a long time.

A new post by Twitter user who previously shared AMD’s roadmap points to a delay in new chips.

Raphael to procrastinate

There is apparently a slight change in the roadmap of AMD, which is allegedly prepared for the beginning of 2020. The Zen 4 architecture Raphael processors, which were previously expected to arrive in 2022, will be postponed accordingly to the 9-10 of next year. Between 10-11 months after being introduced. will be available per month.

In this case, while Intel will switch to DDR5 at the end of this year, AMD will still offer DDR4 systems to users with its Zen 3+ architecture Warhol processors. Moreover, with the latest development, until the end of next year, Alder Lake will not get a response from the AMD wing in the market.

Raphael processors, which are expected to include Navi 2 iGPU in all processors, will go through the 5 nm process. DDR5 RAMs will show when the chips that are expected to work will be available for sale.

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