Aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050, South Korea will eliminate all diesel-fueled passenger trains from 2029.

Aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050, South Korea has decided to discontinue all diesel-fueled passenger trains to contribute to this plan. The decision will be implemented by 2029.

KTX-Eums, which means “connection” in Korean language, reaching speeds of 260km / h compared to normal KTX trains that reach 300 km / h and operated by Korea Train eXpress (KTX), a high-speed rail service operated by Korail in South Korea. it emits approximately 70% of the emissions generated by standard diesel trains. It is stated that trains, which are considered quite efficient even in this state, will cause 70 thousand tons less greenhouse gas emission per year.

As a result of the change brought to the agenda with the announcement of the country’s President Moon Jae-in on January 4, carbon emissions from rail travel will be reduced by up to 30%. Diesel trains will be replaced by a newly developed bullet train called KTX-Eum.

Speaking about the new trains, President Jae-in said, “By 2029, we will implement environmentally friendly railway transportation across the country. The contribution of KTX-Eum’s to our country by reducing greenhouse gas emissions will be equivalent to planting 10 million pine trees. ” he took his words.

With the trains to be produced by Hyundai Rotem Co, the rate of high-speed train services in the country is expected to reach 52% by 2024. This rate is now 29% according to official sources. The Korean government plans to invest $ 64.7 billion (approximately 474 billion lira) in railways for the development.


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