The owner of the team said that the employees and players of NBA giant Sacramento Kings can receive as much of their salaries in BTC as they want.



Receiving fees with bitcoin

While the Sacramento Kings are doubling their support, Bitcoin continues to enter the National Basketball Association (NBA). Vivek Ranadivé, president and CEO of the team, reported in the Clubhouse earlier that everyone in the organization could soon start receiving their salaries in BTC.

Located in Sacramento, California, the Sacramento Kings is a US professional basketball team and a member of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. The organization has taken a pro-Bitcoin approach for years as it was the first NBA team to introduce BTC as a means of payment for tickets and goods in 2014.

He said that all employees in the organization could soon start choosing whether they would like to receive their salaries in bitcoins instead of dollars.

“In the next few days, I will announce that I will offer it to everyone in the Kings organization, they will be able to receive as much of their salary in bitcoins, including players.”


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