Google Chrome News: It has been announced that Google’s move to remove the highly anticipated third-Sad news came for Google’s internet browser Google Chrome. The blocking of 3rd party cookies has been postponed to 2023. So why?


party cookie support for Google Chrome has been delayed until 2023. The reason for this delay is that Google is facing scrutiny from multiple governments around the world for its potential anti-competitive behavior in the ad industry. So Google wants to balance its advertising revenues.

Google Chrome will slow down to protect advertisers

The removal of support for third-party cookies will be part of Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative, which aims to develop web technologies for companies and developers to build economically viable businesses online, while maintaining user privacy and control over their data.

Google initially planned to remove support for third-party cookies in Chrome and then introduce a new standard for advertisers. However, other browsers did not show interest in the technology. Some even stated that they would block it completely.

Google has decided to delay the move to remove third-party cookies until 2023 so that they can work with regulators to responsibly discuss and develop an alternative technology.

You can find Google’s 3rd party cookie blocking policy below.

Phase 1 (late 2022): Once testing is complete and APIs are available in Chrome, we’ll announce the start of phase 1. In phase 1, publishers and the advertising industry will have time to move their services. We expect this phase to take nine months and we will carefully monitor adoption and feedback before we move on to phase 2.

Phase 2 (from mid 2023): Chrome will phase out support for third-party cookies over a three-month period ending in late 2023.

While a few other browsers such as Safari and Firefox already offer some form of blocking third-party cookies, this feature is still missing from Google Chrome. Since Chrome is the most popular browser preferred worldwide, it is necessary to be careful when making radical decisions. Since Google knows this, it will take it slow.


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