Many players are looking forward to the release of new generation consoles. However, since product supplies have come to a halt due to the corona virus, some claims have been made about the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 release date.

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 release date may vary
Niko Partners, an Asian game market research and consultancy firm, published a report on the effect of corona virus on the Chinese game market. Although both companies are optimistic about issues such as supply and logistics, Niko Partners reports give the opposite statement.

Console manufacturers will also have to struggle with increased unemployment and livelihoods due to the pandemic. Game consoles, which millions of people have easily acquired in the past, will experience reduced demand due to increased unemployment in almost all countries.

In the published report, it explains that the costs of the components to be used for the devices will increase and for this reason, it will upset many users about the price. In addition, the report also covers topics such as component supply, logistics and software issues.

It is clear that all these troubles will affect the release date of the products. That is why both game developers and console manufacturers do a great job.

Stating that the software problems and the decrease in the number of games will decrease the interest of the users on the game consoles, the report underlines that launches should be done perfectly in order to increase the sales.


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