We are in a period in which the technology industry is also negatively affected due to the Corona virus outbreak that spreads all over the world. It turned out that Samsung’s smartphone sales were not as expected in the past days and the company would therefore change the number of production. Now, Samsung Galaxy S20 series sales have emerged and this statistic has not been very pleasant.

Galaxy S20 series lags behind S10 family
Samsung released a report showing sales statistics for the first quarter of this year. The most striking part in this report was the sales figures of the Galaxy S20 series. The S20 family fell behind both the S9 series and the S10 family with sales statistics in the first three months of 2020. In this case, the Corona virus effect is also thought to be high.

The S9 family exceeded 500,000 sales in the one-week period in the US, and the S10 series exceeded 400,000. However, the Galaxy S20 series sales that the company released this year have never exceeded 200,000. These figures were also very low in the face of expectations.

On the other hand, the only reason why the sales of the new S family cannot meet the expectations is not seen as the COVID-19 outbreak. According to experts, the fact that 5G infrastructures have not yet reached a sufficient level has a great effect in this case. It is believed that people do not want to leave the previous generation devices yet and give so much money to a 5G device.


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