Samsung Canada has accidentally confirmed that it is using an Intel processor on the new Galaxy Book S model. The device using the Lakefield series, which has not yet been announced, may be the first device that this processor has surfaced. The new model also has reduced battery life compared to other devices in the series.

The new model of Samsung’s successful computer series Galaxy Book S will join the series soon. While not much information has yet been released about this new device, Samsung Canada has accidentally confirmed that the device is using an Intel processor. The accidental verification of the device with the model number NP767XCM-K01CA has attracted the attention of many technology enthusiasts.

After the device was accidentally verified, another curious feature emerged. This device contains the Intel i5 processor from the Lakefield series, which has not been announced yet. The fact that the processor has not yet been announced suggests that this device may be the first device to use the Lakefield series. This early listing also reveals that Samsung has achieved a global target on this device.

The first x86-based model in the series:
With this early listing from Samsung Canada, this new model turned out to have a 13.3-inch Full HD display, just like any other device in the series. With the Intel Core i5-L16G7 processor, we can say that the device with 8 GB RAM and 42 Wh battery leaves some difference from the series. The new x86-based Galaxy Book S is predicted to be less efficient than other ARM-based models.

A decrease in battery life was noticed:
There is also a noticeable drop in the specified battery life of this new device from Samsung. It is stated that there will be 25 hours of battery life in other models, while this device has decreased to 17 hours. Considering that Samsung takes into account only watching video while calculating these times, the battery life of the device can be under 17 hours with effective use.

Although the new model leaves the series on some issues, its similarity with other models can be clearly selected in terms of appearance. Dual USB-C ports, Bluetooth 5.0 and microSD support are also included in this device. In addition, the fingerprint reader built into the power button, which is customary in the Galaxy Book S series, is not forgotten in the new model.

Users who decide to purchase the device that will have Mercury Gray and Earthy Gold color options will choose between 256 GB and 512 GB storage.


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