The Samsung AMD partnership has recently become official. With this partnership, it is aimed to make Exynos chipsets more powerful. Because Samsung is taking huge defeats against its strongest competitors in chipset production. Even the Galaxy S21 model, which is highly anticipated by smartphone users, was once again disappointed with its competitors powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset. The Korean smartphone manufacturer, which then rolled up its sleeves, signed a partnership with AMD, one of the largest computer chip manufacturers. However, it seems that this partnership will not be limited to the production of AMD GPU-based Exynos chipsets.



According to reports, the two technology companies will carry out other businesses together. According to the report released by the South Korean technology form Clien, AMD wants to increase production volume for CPU and APU systems by 50%. However, TSMC, its current supplier, cannot meet this production.

Recently, Samsung announced that it has started working on new chipsets with 3 nanometer production process. It has announced that it has purchased a new $ 10 billion production facility in Texas. Thus, AMD is expected to continue the production of CPU and APU systems in Samsung’s new production facility. In addition, this partnership is sure to achieve incredible work in both the computer industry and the smartphone industry.


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