Stan Smith Galaxy Buds Pro full wireless headphones attract attention with their green and white color theme, as well as a hat-designed housing and a special theme for Galaxy devices.

We often witness Samsung working with famous brands, especially for mobile and wearable devices. The Galaxy Buds Pro is also cooperating with the Adidas brand for the full wireless headset model.

Stan Smith Galaxy Buds Pro features and price
Stan Smith Galaxy Buds Pro thematic wireless headphones were inspired by Adidas’ Stan Smith tennis shoes. The enclosure where the charging box of the headset is dominated by the green and white colors of the shoes is designed in the form of a hat. Again, the retail box looks like a shoe box.

The Stan Smith Galaxy Buds Pro, which will be produced in a limited number, does not contain a change in terms of hardware, but a special Adidas Originals theme is added after the first match on Galaxy phones.

The Stan Smith Galaxy Buds Pro thematic headset model will be available in South Korea with a price tag of $ 249. Customers will also be given a voucher for their new Stan Smith shoes made from recyclable materials.


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