Samsung and Olympus can work together for future smartphone cameras.Recent claims are that Samsung and Olympus brands will collaborate for future smartphone cameras.

Olympus has been involved in camera production since 1919. Samsung seems to be working with Olympus to produce high quality photo and camera modules while producing image sensors. It should also be noted that Olympus is the leader in optical and reprography products.

If the partnership is approved, Samsung will join the caravan of smartphone brands that have camera manufacturers made the production of its cameras. The names on this list include Huawei, OnePlus, and Vivo.

Samsung is trying to improve the image quality of its smartphones significantly. It is also among the information that Olympus has applied to Samsung for cooperation and the negotiations are progressing according to plans. The partnership could result in Olympus producing the camera module for the Galaxy S22, which is likely to hit the market in the first quarter of 2022.

Samsung and Olympus have not made an official announcement yet, but this partnership offers many opportunities for both companies. One thing that could be an indication of the integrity of the partnership is that Samsung is currently working on a chip codenamed Olympus. This chip will be the successor to the current Exynos processor, which is widely criticized. The new Olympus chipset is expected to offer huge improvements in performance compared to the current Exynos chipset.


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