With our entry into 2021, the competition in the smartphone market continued to intensify. The race between Samsung and Sony also continued.


Just like in other years, different smartphones were launched in 2021 and they continue to come out. The Xiaomi Mi 11 series, which was launched recently, continues to sell like crazy right now. South Korean technology giant Samsung continues to release updates for its smartphones. The company, which announced a new update for the Galaxy A71 yesterday morning, has been the subject of our news with brand new developments today. The world-famous company is opening a brand new era with its camera sensor, while its rivals are also shaking. With the news coming today, it became clear that the camera rivalry between Sony and Samsung is one click higher.


Camera rivalry heats up between Samsung and Sony

As we enter 2021, South Korean technology giant Samsung has released updates for many phone models as well as different phones. As we leave the first quarter of 2021 behind, the company continues to publish new updates and continues to work on brand new developments in the field of camera sensor.

Samsung will shake the smartphone market with its camera sensor

Despite the Covid-19 outbreak, different smartphones continue to be introduced with various launches, while various smartphone manufacturers continue to turn to different features. While the ice between Samsung and Sony, which are two competitors in the field of camera sensor, does not melt, the competition continues to heat day by day. According to our information, the South Korean company started catching up with Sony in camera sensor and became the second largest company in this field. If we continue by talking about the data of 2020, the South Korean company that produces ISOCELL camera sensors has a market share of 29%, while Sony has a market share of 46%. While Sony continues to maintain its leadership in this field, the other company continues to catch up quickly.


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