Samsung has rolled up its sleeves to make a deal with the Olympus. Samsung will not remain silent to the rivals’ Leica and Hasselblad attacks.


Samsung is preparing to host a new partnership between the phone brand and the camera company. By making an agreement with Samsung Olympus, it will not remain silent to Huawei’s Leica and OnePlus attack on Hasselblad. With these lenses, which are expected to be included in the Galaxy S22 family, a major revolution can be experienced on the camera side.

Although this claim has not been finalized yet, reports on the subject show that Olympus has applied for a strategic partnership with Samsung. It is also said that Samsung will benefit from its expertise in core areas of photography and videography, including Olympus’ optics, and areas of specialization such as color tone.

Partnerships between phone brands and camera parent companies are nothing new. In its heyday, Nokia was offering Carl Zeiss optics in top-of-the-line N-series variants. In the smartphone space, Chinese giant Huawei has had a fruitful partnership with Leica over the years.

One of the most recent such partnerships came from OnePlus, which partnered with iconic camera brand Hasselblad in a multi-year deal. Zeiss optics were also used in Vivo’s new X series smartphones.

Samsung is no stranger to such partnerships either. The Korean electronics giant today has audio accessories tuned by AKG, a well-known brand in the consumer audio field. However, in the camera department, Samsung operates alone.

The most interesting point is that Samsung is already a recognized giant in the camera image sensor business and is one of the largest sensor chip manufacturers for cameras worldwide, alongside Sony. A partnership with Olympus, known for its ultra-high quality lenses, could therefore be an interesting collaboration.

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If a partnership is established between the two companies, it is expected to be announced towards the end of the year and then to bear fruit in the Galaxy S22 family.


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