As you know, the iPhone has been criticized for a while for taking the charger and headset out of the box. Then Samsung started doing what he was criticizing at first. There is no charger and headset in the S21’s box. Samsung announced that the charger and headphones, which are the target of the arrows of criticism, will not be included in the box of any model in the future.



It seems that the lack of chargers and headphones will become a standard for the Korean company’s other devices. Samsung’s CEO Tae Moon Roh (TM Roh) confirmed in a statement released this week that the company is working to gradually remove these accessories from their smartphones’ cases.

“We are confident that the gradual removal of power adapters and headsets from our devices can help solve sustainable consumption problems and reduce any inconvenience consumers may experience from constantly buying unnecessary charging accessories for new phones,” he said.

We could not understand whether we were expected to say “Oh okay then”, but it was interesting when Samsung announced that the charging adapter would be on the boxes with the text “Included with your Galaxy” on a poster. On the other hand, the South Korean company will release at least two fast chargers in the coming weeks. While power adapters are an absolute must for smartphone users, headsets are a bonus that companies often add to make a purchase more appealing. It looks like Samsung fans will have to purchase both separately this year if they need it.

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Let’s understand the headset a little, but the charger is a must for every phone. The fact that this situation has no effect on prices, on the contrary, the increase in price may cause reactions in the future.


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